Wireless remote. Smart features.

Never get your service interrupted again.

Start your pedicure service without getting up. A wireless remote will let you fill the tub and switch the LED LIGHT to direct the customer to the active chair. Easy!

  • Smart FILL

    Fills the tub and automatically stops when it reaches a certain level.
    Access: Remote or Panel


    Turn on Led Light to notify customer which chair is ready.
    Access: Remote or Panel

  • Smart DRAIN

    Drains the 5 Gallon basin with a touch of a button.
    Access: Panel

VENT-Ready for the City

Easy setup to pass the City Building Inspection

Why you should consider buying a pedicure chair with a vent system.

The Vent-Ready Smart Chair will adhere to city ordinances complying with the International Mechanical Code, 403.3 footnote which was enacted in 2012. Many Salons are required to comply with these ordinances in order to pass building codes, construction permits, or certificates of occupancy

Proper installation makes all the difference.


The Cut-Sheet For Contractors & Architects

Secure your breathing space with Vented ONE Smart Chair.

Protect the health of your clients and nail techs. The odors that come from performing pedicures caused by acetones, debris from fillings and other chemicals can cause serious health problems. While masks help filter these chemicals, an exhaust system coming from the source of the odor will protect the technician’s breathing zone.



with optional GFCI


One Smart Chair

Dimensions & Spec Sheet

* Real photo of laminate *

Chair Color:

  • Cream
  • Cappucino
  • Red

Bowl Color:

  • Crystal
  • Gold

Chair Base Colors:

Please select your base color

One Smart Chair
Base Swatches

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Orbital Massage Technology

Human Touch Controller
More features. More comfort. With three distinct massage programs.

Manicure trays are sturdy, solid oak and raise up to lock in place. Pull tab under tray to place it away after service. Orbital Massage Technology

Durable Glass Basin
5 Gallon Capacity, Acetone Resistant
Color choice between Crystal and Gold

  • Discreet Control Panel
    location with lighted Stainless Steel Buttons

  • Optional GFCI Outlet
    Eliminate messy extension cords for your LED Lights

  • Turn on LED LIGHT with Wireless Remote, or Control Panel to notify customer which chair is ready.